Wednesday, March 28, 2007


"You only live once" as the saying goes and yet it seems that we are so rarely able to reflect on our lives with such graceful measure, always complaining about what we don't have or haven't accomplished yet. In my life, I have been blessed with three strong grandmothers (no grandfathers) who each has lived well into their later years that I owe a mountain of gratitude. I would not be who I am today if it weren't for their faith in me and for the time they have always made for me. Ever believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself, they would offer that gentle ear, picking me up with sweet nurturing hope and sending me back on my way. Each, in their own unique way, has taught me many lessons in life like humility, patience, and gracefulness, but most of all hope. To these three maidens, I dedicate my dreams.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


DJ VON was in the house for the spectacular event, slingin' the up-tempo ultra smooth jazzy-fresh, low-down, dope-phat-beats to get the butts out-da-seats. The Painting Club's FIRST SHOW! Everyone piled into the gallery at 1172 Market Street, San Francisco at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco just after 5:30pm for this exciting new event. The food was well provided for (thanks Gigi) and the students and faculty were in attendance.There was dancing, twister and a lot of support and love given out to the club.

All seven of the exhibiting artists in the show worked hard over the last six months to get these paintings finished in addition to their full load of classes and work. I am proud of them all and their efforts paid off. For some it was only their second or third painting of this level of focus and yet they all came out beautifully.

The hours rolled on and so did the shrimp cocktail. There were a lot of great questions being asked like, "What medium did you work in?" and "When is the club meeting next quarter?", "Did you paint that?" and even "How can I get in on the next show?". In-between chuggings of Barq's rootbeer and engulfing of cheese wedges I managed to meet a few proud parents and some impressed colleagues were surprised at the depth of talent pooling in our midst. There were process books off to the side table that allowed for everyone to see what went into the making of these works like; preliminary studies, color comps, photo-references and research.

Three hours later the gallery was left empty, all the cookies were gone, and the floors needed a serious mopping, but it was a great success and I want to send a big PROPS out to the members of the Painting Club for pulling this off (we almost didn't) and more importantly for working hard and staying true to what you believe in, namely yourselves.

DJ VON's website -->DJVON.COM
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Friday, March 16, 2007


Before anymore time flies by I have to lay this down once and for all. I love this man's work! In more times than I can count I have found myself up late painting and listening to movies (yeah it's what I do when I paint) only to be brought to a grinding hault by this man's performance. Let me say right here and now that I love Paul Giamatti! He is my favorite actor at the moment and is the best I have seen in a long time. He is a master of his craft. While far from your glamorous physic or stature, Mr. Giamatti delivers a very real portrayal of almost every character he takes on. His character portrayal of "Miles" in Sideways is legendary and has become that comfy blanket in the middle of the night that reminds me no matter how pathetic I may feel at times in my life there is someone that can relate... As "Harvey Pekar" in American Splendor, his slouching neurotic performance was about as close as you could get to the man himself. And no one will ever forget PIG-VOMIT in Howards Stern's Private Parts! His recent performance in The Illusionist was a bit different but equally solid and it's nice to see him branching out. Last but definitely not least you got to catch him as "Cleveland Heap" in M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water. This is a different story but you must watch it more than once to really get the underlying message. Here Mr. Giamatti gives us the depth and range of character that he can deliver and to date, is the most real crying scene on screen yet. Deep down something inside me resonates with that middle-aged, pudgy, slouching, slightly neurotic, heart-broken, crazy-eyed, struggling artist, stewing-in-his-own-pathetic-juices, gentle, honest to a fault guy-on-the-street just trying get by. It's in the eyes! I can watch a Giamatti movie any time and always come away feeling better. Thank you Mr. Giamatti! I can't wait to see what you will do next...

Image: ©Copyright 2007 Trey Gallaher
To see the full painting --> Giamatti Angelica

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Last Saturday I took the painting club (from school) out for another great day of plein-air painting practice, only this time to Redwood Park in the East Bay hills behind Oakland. Having been there one time before myself, I was anxious to get back to the forest with some pastels and paint the beautiful fern-lined trails through the giant redwoods.

We met at the school first and car-pooled over with six of us. One of the great things about the Bay Area is you can be in such a different climate and environment in less than a half-hour drive.

My fellow instructor at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco Barry Ebner, met up with us shortly and we began our trek into the park. We gradually staked out our claims along the trail and started working. Everyone was working in different mediums and on different surfaces, but soon the marks filled the page.

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We finished the afternoon up as the sun slowly crawled across the sky and headed west behind the ridge. We surveyed our work and discussed our victories and losses. What I continue to experience every time I set out to do plein-air painting is the incredible rush of excitement and peace that comes over me simultaneously as I begin to draw out the landscape in front me. I can hear the birds chirping, the water rushing, the gentle breeze against my skin, and all of the delicate and subtle sounds of nature that one misses when simply hiking through. When you stop to open your other senses, not just your eyes, you experience a more complete sense of your surroundings, and for a while I feel at harmony and balanced with the earth as my charcoal glides across the paper sculpting out the world before me. I feel at ease.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007


The night started early as I made my way up Polk Street towards the STUDIO Gallery. Living in the neighborhood it is a matter of blocks. I had been looking forward to this group show and to meeting some of the great artists that I am showing with. I haven't been with this gallery too long but I am really enjoying working with Jennifer and Rab the owners. The show ran from 4-8pm and was quite full. Several good friends of mine and a few students showed up too. It was great to see some familiar faces mixed in with some new friends.

After several hours of cheeses, crackers and the usual fair, my friends and I cut over to the nearby sushi joint SUSHI ROCK, and it ROCKED!!! We dusted off numerous roles and beer and good times were had by all. Now the night was just gettin started as my friends and I after finishing our feast made haste to Union Square about six blocks away just over Nob Hill in time to catch the tail end of the Chinese New Year Parade. It is one of the things I look forward to the most every year living in San Francisco.

We arrived in Union Square about twenty minutes later just in time to get a great standing view of the parade. It was a festive scene and my friends and I eased our way to the front. Check out the pics. Not the best here but then it was dark with lots of movement (the worst scenerio ever) but you can still kind get the feel. 2007 YEAR OF THE BOAR!!!! Although these little piggies didn't look so tuff, more like Wilbur!

It was a nice night out on the town and the weather held up for the first time in quite a long time. It always seems to rain on the Chinese New Year Parade but not this year, in fact it was clear and warm and the spirits were high.

An hour later we were all a bit hard of hearing and having been smoked out of our brains from all the firecrackers, we headed for the a local cafe around the corner for coffee and to catch up a bit more.

Before too long the hours ticked away and I found myself itching to get back to my studio to paint. It's late but I have always found a comfort in those late night hours that really allows me to work. I have two jobs to work on this weekend and I have a lot to be thankful for, so I am giving a big "THANK YOU" to the Big-Guy up-stairs for blessing me. It's gonna be a good year!
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