Friday, August 29, 2008


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Monday, August 25, 2008


Well it's been a long, hard six months working towards this show. I am excited to present my new works titled SAGACITY. I have been painting this new series for almost a year now and have watched the work develop into a language and message of it's own. Working in series has taught me a lot about continuity, manner, and message through painting. A "voice" is something an artist develops over time and test, and I am beginning to hear my own voice more clearly through these new works. They speak from a more personal place and echo the silences in new and refreshing ways. Whats weird for me, is that I never thought I would produce so many pieces about one subject, and after completing thirteen new works, I am only excited to do more and see where it takes me.

I have been working with a great frame shop here in town (San Francisco) called Cheap Pete's who have been instrumental in getting my pieces framed at an affordable rate. Doing most of the assembly myself I have cut a lot of my cost. Any artist will tell you that framing for a show can be a huge expense and finding a way to do it on a budget is quite a trick. I have been saving my pennies and learning how to do the work myself. I have always framed my own work, but never at these sizes... thirty by forty inches is a big jump for me, but the larger painting area has also opened up a new playing field for paint application and medium!

Before I frame a work, I shoot it in sunlight with my digital high-resolution SLR camera (Olympus), and archive a digital copy and later for a website image. Living in San Francisco can be a very trying for this very reason. I usually shoot in late morning sunlight for best color balance, but trying to find any sunlight in my neighborhood (in the summer months especially) is frustrating. A month of f-ing FOG and stil no signs of clearing... I forgot what the sun looked like waiting for glimmer of light to poke through this white-out...

I use 4by6 a postcard making company in the east bay... they deliver great color and pretty quickly via a very smooth FTP-ing process from your desktop. They have a pick-up location in the Haight that I use quite a bit. Postage is another expense for self-promoters and it can be timely process labeling out to all your friends and followers! If you didn't get one from me, and want to, email me a line and I'll get you on the mailing list...

With most of the pieces framed up by now, I am a days away from hanging them at Sweet Inspiration... finishing touches here and there, hanging wires across the back and wiping finger prints off the glass. It's show time! Hope to see you at the...

reception: Sunday, September 7, 2008 from 4-6pm.
Sweet Inspiration 2239 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114

SAGACITY Show at Sweet Inspiration -->HERE


I run a club at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco called the "VIZLUB". This club is gathering place for primarily animation and game-design students (though it's open to all majors) to learn more about how to develop their own visualizations, illustrations and concept art. The focus is on both drawing, rendering and the ideation process and it is here that students are exposed to a wider range of skills to help round out their education.

Over the last year the students and I organized a time-travel landscape painting project to be exhibited in the school's main gallery, which I am proud to say, finally took place last week. Out of their own research (on top of a full-load of classes, internships etc.), students worked in and learned more about painting and rendering in natural mediums such as acrylics and watercolor to add to the digital skill-sets they get from their classes.

What they learned about drawing, color, value, perspective and picture making deepened their abilities as visual artists regardless of the medium. I am proud to say Jason Forney, Brandon Jones and Tyrone Schieszler set themselves apart from the rest by accepting this challenging process with enthusiasm and countless hours of burning the midnight oil.
The turnout by faculty and students was great and brought many interested and proud expressions. Nothing makes a teacher prouder than to see their students shine, and it was a bright afternoon in that gallery.

For moreInformation on the VIZLUB, the exhibit, and to see more pictures from this show check out the club website...

VIZLUB Website -->HERE

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