Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I rarely so gratuitously support such capitalistic brandings... but this is one of my heroes featured in this months issue of Juxtapoz Magazine (Oct'08)... "one of the greats" in my humble opinion... and if you are lucky enough to learn about Barron Storey, or even better learn from him as I had the luck to have, he might just change your art, your perspective and maybe your life. David Choe the interviewer is an original artist in his own right who serves up his own brand of story-telling questions, and sets the scene for us.

It's on the shelves NOW people, and if you are a fan of Mr. Storey's artwork as I am... it's definitely one for the collection!

Barron Storey's Webpage --> HERE

Barron Storey's Blog --> HERE

A BS Fan website --> HERE

David Choe's Blog --> HERE


Photo of Barron Storey for Juxtapoz Magazine by Jon Dragonette

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sunday, September 7, was a great afternoon and a chance to share ten months worth of blood, sweat and tears with colleagues, family and friends. Everyone gathered at Sweet Inspiration on Market Street, San Francisco for a fun afternoon of cake, more cake, and my most recent series of paintings titled SAGACITY.

I had a chance to see some old friends and fellow artists I hadn't seen in years, eat my way through way too much cheese and salami, and swap some old stories as we mingled amongst the work and the pinot. The work was received well and the usual customers were suddenly asking... "who is the artist?" I spotted a few patrons sneaking looks from behind their laptops and baked goods long enough to ask... "is that you in your underwear there?"

I was overwhelmed in preparing for this show by the love and support of the people that came out and even the ones that wanted to but couldn't. It made me feel just how lucky I am to have people around me that support what I do. I have to admit it is hard at times to be an artist in ways you might not even think of. It can be simply by being locked up in your studio slaving away night after night, weekend after weekend, putting those friendships and relationships on hold with years going by before you stopped to realize just how long it has been since you called on that dear friend. But at times like these, you are rejuvenated by and reminded of those friends that never gave up on you and that friendships truly are in the heart, not the flesh and that time is of no consequence.

I watched as old friends reconnected as well, getting caught up and reminiscing about the old days, a party they once crashed together and that night they lost their keys at a beach bonfire in Santa Cruz somewhere after drinking too much peach schnapps. It was like watching a memory unfold in front of you, relationships were rekindled and new ones solidified. You begin to see your life as a whole, through a different sort of lense and then you realize just how blessed you really are, truly... a sweet inspiration.

The smiles were the most fulfilling. All those smiles... everybody... happy to see each other, happy to be alive, happy to be among friends sharing... being inspired and inspir-ing...

...it was the greatest gift I received from this show in return for the months of seclusion and focus.

The location of this show couldn't have been more sweetly appropriate for the unveiling of this new series of paintings I have embarked on. This is art amongst the people, my people, the ones I know, the ones I don't, but the "people" none-the-less, living their lives... in a coffee shop, at home, in a relationship, alone...getting caught up in the glory of it all.

These works are about them, their inner lives, the lives we all live, everyday, doing the mundane, the rituals, but dreaming about our past or hoping for our future and in a moment sagaciously deciding that life is short and beautiful and that we must take time to live, really live and sometimes follow our hearts desire so that we may live to dream again.

Coincidentaly, this show has been a proud moment in my career for at this very time, THREE of my favorite artists are also exhibiting in San Francisco simultaneously as me, Frida Kahlo at the Museum of Modern Art, Mary Cassatt at the Legion of Honor (Women Impressionists Show) and Shepard Fairey at White Walls in the Tenderloin. If you haven't checked out any of these exhibits... do so soon... and while you are at it swing by Sweet Inspiration for truly something sweet and check out my show, it has been extended until October 4th.

Frida Kahlo Show --> HERE

Mary Cassatt Show --> HERE

Shepard Fairey Show --> HERE

Trey Gallaher Show --> HERE

Photos: ©Copyright 2008 Trey Gallaher

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well it was the beginning of a wonderful weekend and the end of a long year as I watched my newest body of work go up on the walls of Sweet Inspiration Bakery last Saturday morning. It came down to the line as I finished up and framed the last of the pieces into the weee hours of the early morning. On no sleep, I loaded twelve of the newest of my works (and largest), into the back of my girlfriends car and we arrived to the bakery by almost 9am.

The place was buzzing at that hour already, as Market Street frequently is at almost any hour. In-between slugs of my favorite Americano and crumbly pieces off some fresh baked pastries from the bakery itself, I was underway installing the exhibit. I got a lot of nice compliments and questions as we hung and it was magnificent seeing the work go up before my eyes. All that work, all those hours paid off as I watched and hung the pieces throughout the walls.

The pieces are big (for my work) which was one of my goals for this series (to work larger), and by the time the pieces are framed with glass (pastels), you are talking a pretty good twenty pounds to be hung from the ceiling hooks. I used some pretty heavy cable to hang with and to provide reinforcement in case of earthquakes etc. A ton of bubble-wrap provided great transport, but was a pain to unravel and stow-away. Thanks to Judy and Barbara who were there to help clean up behind me as I frantically flowed the work around the room and customers... Yikes! But nobody was bothered and in-fact inquiring minds were peering from behind papers and soon brought forth great questions.

There were literally no problems, aside from a quick re-set job I had to do to one piece whose glass slipped slightly in transport, but did not crack. The hardest part was stayng focused on no sleep. Robert (the curator) was there to help align things and to set the labels out for me. The pieces are for sale and are ready to take home as is... papered backs and wired. I assembled all these frames myself and they use all archival quality materials.

The show will be up for the month of September and the opening is next weekend the 7th from 4-6pm. Advantage of a Sunday in the city is, the parking is free everywhere, especially for you out of towners. I look forward to seeing you all there and catching up. Make sure you try some of the wonderful baked goods and pastries while you are there. Sweet Inspiration is well known and frequented by locals in the city, and you are most sure to find something to tempt you!

I want to thank the following people for their contributions to and support of this exhibit. Without their help I might never have made it...

Robert Vo
Wayne Jiang
Patricia Delich
Koen, Guinevere and Gary Pilapil
Hedwig De Ocampo
Barbara Allie
Barry Ebner
Kandi and the hard working girls behind the S.I. counters (thank you thank you)
Judy Chu
Scotty Nghiem
Stella Chu
Josh Nghiem
Mike Chu
Jeffrey and all my new friends in the Cheap Pete's Crew
Gram B.
Gram K.
Gram G.
Clayton Warren
Stephanie Harms
Mom and Steve
Mom Gee and Bill
Inch Family
Sheana, Mathew and Anthony
my Art Institute of California, San Francisco family...
Hayward Bittikofers
Fresno Bittikofers
The VIZLUB and all my talented hard working students... keep it going guys...

Photos: ©Copyright Trey Gallaher