Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This first one was done as a demo in my painting class I taught this summer. We did a (2)four hour session portrait painting unit. I'm happy with the direction this is taking, but could really use another hour or maybe two for those finishing touches that makes portrait painting a real art-form . When painting from life, or a live model (and not photography), I stop when the model stops. I have found you are never as good on your own when capturing the likeness of life. This portrait was done in acrylics. The rest of the images below were done in oils at my weekly life-drawing session.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


I finally finished this a couple of weekends ago. I had actually started it almost a year earlier and was waiting to get back to the right season and sun. We are finally heading into the fall season now (our best season for weather here in San Francisco) after a looooong extra-foggy summer. Clear, crisp beautiful days... I can't wait to get out there again and capture those cool California colors and "blue sky of perfect lost purity" as Jack Kerouac describes about San Francisco in his story The Railroad Earth. Soon the pumpkin-spice latte's will be everywhere in the city, a feeling of coziness, staying close to home, early evening sunsets and the fall "open studios" will blanket our prosperous and creative city. There is no place I would rather be!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Tonight was the Animation Festival for the Art Institute of California where I teach, held at the Roxie Theater in the heart of San Fracnisco's Mission district. It made me proud to see the work of my students on the big screen. Our program is growing and getting stronger with each quarter.

Just a couple quick pics of the poster I designed for the Seven Deadly Sins competition that was part of the festival. The original design can be seen on my website. They liked the illustration so much, they used it again for the Festival poster and promotion too.

Original Design --> HERE

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am saddened to hear of the passing of a great legend in illustration...

Bernie Fuchs (1932-2009)

"Thank you Bernie for all the wonderful pictures and inspiration. You leave behind monstrous shoes."

Read more about Mr. Fuchs at the Washington Post--> HERE

Monday, September 21, 2009


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Friday, September 18, 2009


So recently I was cleaning up stacks of drawings and papers from under my bed (my temporary archive)... and I came across some drawings I forgot I even did! WOW... talk about feeling old! Ok, ok, old is relative but relative to my memory and life... I'm older than I have ever been before... and when you completely start forgetting something you spent some time on (like your ART), well it's time to quit trying to remember and just enjoy the bliss that goes along with being "out of touch".

The drawing shown above was a piece I did for myself when I was starting to use more pastels in my illustrations and I was experimenting a bit with the textures I could create. I was toying with this idea as a series for a while and loved the feeling I was getting.

I first saw this one. Then it started to come back... "Oh yeah", I did these with this friend of mine Tami when we were hanging out in Stern grove for the music in the park one time... three years ago! Again, where does the time go???

Tami is seen here with a really great hat I remember she was wearing. It was a fun afternoon in "The Grove" for the yearly concert in the park series they have.

Anyway, I just felt I had to share with you yet another way to experience time lapsing, in fact floating right on by while you are not paying attention.

Your art can catch you slumbering with a sobering and detailed reminder of just how much you are "losing it" as you think to yourself, "I have no recollection of drawing those lines on that piece of artwork that has my signature on it and is obviously drawn in my style..."??? YIKES!

Usually drawings make people and events remain longer in my memory and with more detail. And I guess they did in this case too, but only after I stumbled across them in a dusty old portfolio. Maybe I'll go look for more buried treasure and memories.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here is a little late-night "ditty" for ya off my Sony Ericsson phone... after an all-night jam session with my buddy Wayne Jiang following his exhibition at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica California. It was a fun night. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 11, 2009


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Friday, September 4, 2009


One of the things I love doing on weekends and vacations is grabbing my pastels or paints and heading out on a hike. Two of my favorite things together, nature and drawing. It's a radically different experience working in the "field" than in the warm studio under the lights. Sometimes you just gotta get out and breath it! Being out in the "elements" while working can be both a nightmare and a complete full-fillment of the senses. Frustrating at times when the wind blows your pastels all over the muddy ground or that feeling of moisture creeping through your jeans when you've realized you've sat in "something"... or coming home two hours later to a burnt forehead and dehydration. Lesson here is, like a boyscout, be prepared with more than just your art supplies.

But it can also be those beautiful mornings on the California coast, soaking in all those beautiful colors that are absolutely glowing! Capturing just a taste of the beauty that nature has to offer ranks up there with some of the finest of human experiences. Your senses are your guide, you are listening as you draw to the birds chirping, the couples walking by, or the gentle breeze through the trees. The smell of dew or moist salty ocean air can wake you right up quicker than the first sip of morning coffee! It's all working together, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mind and your putting it down in real-time.

The time honored tradition of plein-air painting, refers to a manner or style of painting developed chiefly in France in the mid-19th century, characterized by the representation of the luminous effects of natural light and atmosphere. Strictly speaking plein-air paintings are executed out of doors and represent a direct response to the scene or subject in front of the artist. The impressionists like Monet and Cezzane were masters of observation from nature. I enjoy painting outdoors and in one complete sitting from beginning to end (usually about two hours). While the work is slightly less labored and looser, it usually captures a fresh and vibrant appeal unique from my other studio-based work.

Here is a little of how it works...

STEP 1: Getting set-up and looking at the world in front of you. Soak in nature's work first! Whoaaa watch the dog shit right there to your left... (What the hell people, pick up after your damn dogs!)

STEP 2: Begin to lay in the drawing. Basic forms, lights and darks... oh and watch that perspective people! Where is that horizon line? Remember, there is only one.

STEP 3: Start working in the colors, lights and shadows and all degrees of tonality in-between. This part takes the longest but truthfully is the most fun part. It's like mediation, you are concentrating and relaxing at the same time in response to the environment around you. You are living in it, co-existing with it. You are one with nature, the sights, the sounds, the vibrating colors... the hours pass...

Get out there and try it people! You don't have to go very far to find that beauty. It's a great way to enjoy the weekend and learn a little something too. Don't be too hard on yourselves, it's about the feeling and experience and the results will get better with time. You'll take in nature in a whole new way, with an awareness of more than you might get from a casual hike or walk. Stop, listen, look, enjoy and even take home a souvenir from your experience. I promise you, you will remember your adventure more clearly.

Here are a few other excursions out.

The Redwoods Park in the East Bay.

Cannery Row, Monterey.

For more of my Plein-Air Drawings check out my website
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