Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Last weekend was open studios for San Francisco's SOMA district, and Friday night was a terrific opening night for the "Oddists" studio where I was exhibiting. I work out of this studio almost weekly for life drawing sessions and painting and my fellow artists asked if I would show with them. I was honored.

The four piece jazz band kicked off about 7:30pm with a number of standard bossa nova tunes to set a relaxed comfortable mood. The wine and cheeses were laid out, and people began showing up in numbers. The walls were hung thickly with works from eight different artist's exhibiting in the large studio located in the historic Odd Fellow's Building on Market Street and 7th in the heart of San Franciso's downtown.

Many friends and visitors were in attendance and a fun time was had by all. It is truly one of the great moments for an artist to be surrounded by supporters and onlookers who have questions and experiences to share of their own. The art becomes a place to build bridges between people and their lives. Sometimes the art finds it's way into a new home or sometimes just acts as an ice-breaker for a new friendship or an exchange of ideas.

From the creative side you begin to survey the body of work that you've been working your ass off on as it resonates (or not) with audiences. New strategies begin to formulate as you see both your victories and your failures pass with a glance. You begin to see how what was once a small uncertain idea you started with a year or two ago, has now manifested itself throughout your various works and grown beyond where it started. Sometimes it grows into something new, sometimes it doesn't, but open studios isa special place for artist's to see if the work they are producing is reaching it's potential. A chance to directly connect to audiences, outside of the sometimes intimidating gallery.

Artists are truly appreciative to just hear questions, or comments, good or bad about the work they are doing. It is a lonely road for them and every persons' response is valid and collectively adds to a framework or strategy. Sometimes a piece is adored and sold, sometimes it is simply walked past in the blink of an eye, but in the end, every artist has to listen to what their audience is responding to and to find the courage and strength to continue to dig down deep and explore, even if it means accepting failure.

This may not seem like much effort to some, but to the artist it is everything you have, it's part of your genetic calling in life and you spend countless hours pursuing it. It can mean a great deal when someone takes the time to ask about your work or express their feelings in response to your work. It takes dedication and courage to pursue one's dreams and to not give-up. Open studios is a time celebrate that effort and to begin a new.

A special THANKS to my fellow ODDISTS for including me in their exhibition. Please take the time to look them up.
Richard L. Perri
Stephan Crawford
Tom Crawford
Randall John
Paolo Salazar
Aladin C. Stadlin
Kellie Peach Nash

Wayne Jiang
Patricia Delich
Steven Kendel
Shan Senaratne

for whom without their help, I would have missed this opportunity on account of a gimped-up-knee. They are life savers.

Photos: ©Copyright Trey Gallaher

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am participating in San Francisco's Fall OPEN STUDIOS this weekend Oct. 23,24,25 2009. Come by and check out my (recently) GIMPED-KNEE and keep me company as I air out the paintings and drawings. Maybe find something nice to take home for a great price. I will be dropping prices like bombs on work that's GOTTA GO to make room for new stuff comin! I am showing with a group of artists I frequently draw with at their studio space in the ODD FELLOWS Building located at 7th and Market Street. The band Just Freinds will be performing at our opening reception this Friday night Oct. 23, 2009 at 7pm. Doors will be open for the remaining weekend Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm. Hope to see you all there!

ADDRESS: 26 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 #202 2nd floor

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


male studies, oil on paper, 14x17in.

Images: ©Copyright Trey Gallaher

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm in the closing pages of my next journal I'm calling "HUMMINGBIRD" that has been in the making for at least three years now. Here is a little preview of some of the images.

If you are interested in seeing more of my journals you can click --> HERE

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The air has changed and so have the seasons, Fall is on the way. I caught this evening sky in Carmel a couple of nights ago... breath taking!

Image: ©Copyright Trey Gallaher

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Friday night I busted out ten new canvases and papers and prepped them or upcoming paintings. I love this part, almost as much as the finishing painting. Every stage has its charms, but seeing all the white space is exciting when you think of the potential that lies ahead.

I worked for pretty much most of the evening and into the night, but when I was done it was a beautiful clean sight. All that white under the lights. I paused for a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm, turned out th lights and went to bed. The clock read 4:10am.

photos and movie: ©Copyright Trey Gallaher


Just wanted to throw a BIG SHOUT OUT to my painting people this last summer quarter at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco. It was a tremendous quarter and as usual you all showed up and kicked butt! There were some real gems that were painted this quarter and I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to you all for working so hard, learning so much, meeting those deadlines and producing some great work that made me proud! I wish I could show them here. Maybe we could try and get a show together in the library or something??? (I'll have to work on it).

The other class I wanted to send a warm THANK YOU out to was my Color Theory class, my FIRST Mid-Quarter Start class (meaning started midway through the existing quarter). It was intense at times, a little experimental, and like that family car-drive across country on summer vacation (insert movie soundtrack for Vacation), we made it and covered a lot of powerful and useful ground. You all made it fun for me and fun for each other and it was truly a pleasure watching you all in action, THANK YOU! You too made me proud!