Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Recently I finished this pastel painting I call "The Guardian". I have had this piece working for years and had gotten away from it for a while. My new years resolution was to clear out some old pieces that have been waiting to be finished... starting with this one.

Years ago now my dear friends Gary and Guinevere had their first baby, Koen (now six). It was an amazing transformation to watch that little life come into the world and change so many lives for the better around him. Even in his earliest stages of life he was bringing smiles and joy to everyone and I saw my friends change in ways I couldn't exactly describe. Something different was happening, the focus, the protective nature, the intensity, the love, the hope, and the joy were bringing a new perspective on the world and our future.

I had set out to to do several pieces on this subject matter. I didn't want to focus on the baby, but on the social, cultural, and emotional aspect of going through this transformation in one's life; becoming a parent. This is not a picture about the baby, but about the people around the baby.

This month I am putting this piece on the cover (homepage) of my website as a tribute to Koen's sixth birthday, and also to honor another new life that has entered the world recently named Cameron. My friends Clayton and Stephanie have been recently blessed with a new life that is a smiling happy bundle of joy... and the transformation begins again.

"The Guardian"
27x20in. (68.6x50.8cm)
pastel on paper

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Just stop your busy lives for a moment... take a deep breath and look around. You might catch that gentle sweet smell of bubble gum wafting through the air. This time of year brings this special bloom for just a few short weeks. Amazing! Don't miss it, and have a great day!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you are in the LA area this weekend, check out one of the most innovative, original and inspiring artists you will ever meet. Barron Storey help shape my artistic talents and to this day remains an icon among artists, a great teacher and I'm proud to say, a friend. Barron has had an amazing career and has created cover art for some of the most prestigious publications in the country from Time Magazine, to Heavy Metal, to American Heritage. I grew up seeing his art on the cover of Lord of the Flies in my locker in high school. He has worked for the National Geographic, NASA, and has a piece in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. You will never find another like him... so check out his latest show at LeBASSE in Culver City.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday night Feb. 11, 2012 is the opening from 7-10.

Artwork: ©Copyright Barron Storey

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sometimes a great way to get inspiration is to take a trip to your local history museum, art museum, or natural science museum for a look into our past, present and future! Here in San Francisco we are lucky to have all three close by. One of the most creatively inspirational places for me is the African Masks exhibit in the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Many great artists have been influenced by masks from Africa including the great Picasso and his influence on cubism. The shapes, the textures, the rich deep colors are incredible and remind one of the Earth's history and how long we have been making art that influenced the way we think and feel. The craftsmanship using bare hands and primitive tools and colors can make art with a timeless beauty that even today will chill you to the bone and remind you of what it means to be alive.

The next time you get a chance when you are in San Francisco, swing up to the second floor of the de Young and see the permanent collection. Spend some time being haunted and inspired as you stroll through it. But in the meantime enjoy these sketches I brought home with me in my journal.

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